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Every wine tells a story

If it be true that good wine needs no bush, 'tis true that a good play needs no epilogue. William Shakespeare (1564 – 1623)



Unique experience of wine tasting. Red grapes leave the colour of their skins to embrace a wonderful straw yellow with scent of summer fruits like peach and fresh flowers. In traditional local culture, the name Birba is given to someone who is a rebel with an original personality. The purple headscarf of the woman represents the original soul of this white wine made of red grapes.



Spring is rising, colours are filling the grey spaces all around Dani. Her children are playing in a warm sunlight laughing and having fun together. Sweet smells of fresh flowers burst in the air. Under a crystal clear sky the new pleasant yellow lights bode well. Daniela, the second daughter of Famiglia Barbero.



Our youngest invention, born in 2015. This wine, made of three types of grapes, presents a youthful aspect, like the woman on the label, always preserving its richness. The powerful structure of Barbera is well-balanced thanks to the fruity aroma of Cortese grapes, combined with the great bubbles of Chardonnay. A unique experience to enjoy three peculiar features at the same time.



A modern wine with the perfect shade of rose. By tasting it you will live a summer dream, rich in structure but fresh at the same time. This wine leaves the dark purple colour of its must to embrace a wonderful soft cherry-red colour like the bow on the dress of the woman on the label. Rosa, an invented name to sum up our soul and philosophy.



Bruna is the first step of a wonderful wine: Barbera d’Asti DOCG. This is also the grape variety that perfectly represents the character of the woman on the label: stubborn, strong, firm and determined. Bruna, the first daughter of Famiglia Barbero. We produce two types of Barbera: Bruna, a modern Barbera d’Asti DOCG aged in steel tanks, and Giulia a Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore aged in Slavonian oak barrels.



Giulia is our Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore, the highest expression of this type of grapes. The woman on the label represents the soul of this wine: a mature character that never forgets its childhood. Barbera becomes “superiore” and develops itself by preserving its bouquet and taste. Giulia, the third daughter of Famiglia Barbero.



Hopeful and confident. Exhausted by the hard work of the harvest, now it’s time to rest for her. Only who learns to know his essence will appreciate her unique sweetness, that makes Lucy different from all the others. The safe haven, the shelter in a storm and the lighthouse in a dark night, where to find protection. Luciana, our mama.



This wine as well as the woman in the portrait, has deep roots in our story. As a wine, the Grignolino, is an autochthonous wine, belonging to Piedmontese tradition, produced in small quantity in Monferrato area. On the other side, the woman on the label is our great- grandmother Angiolina, whose father began our long story as winemakers. Light red reflexes like the  atercolour portrait on the label, state its very delicate bouquet enriched by notes of roses.


Fiore the Best

Fiore, the king of Piedmont’s wines. Fiorindo, our father, the only man of Famiglia Barbero symbolized by the blue jacket of the woman on the label. The name anticipate the tasting experience: the best! Spicy flavour and warm bouquet frame a dinner with friends at Christmas time. Joyful moments full of happiness in front of a warm fire, wooden and chocolate scents burst all over from a glass of this meditation wine.



Last days of summer, the sun is still warm and a pleasant scent of ripe grapes burst in the air. Bees hunt the last flowers, while a group of children play hide-and-seek in the vineyard. Dulcisinfundo, the harvest begins.